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touch pads die cutting machine in China in Central African

touch pads die cutting machine in China in Central African is one of cutting equipment designed by Gerson ,and these machinery is very popular used in many industry and for cutting out many material including leather ,textile,rubber ,plastic,cork,wood,film etc.,

touch pads die cutting machine in China in Central African

High Quality,leather cutting machinery,plastic cutting equipment,Gerson-3/200 CE ISO to handleconvenient hi-speed and efficient complete service system lower price hi-condition

The specially designed oil circuit system could rapidly decrease the dead weight of the pressing plate. After pressing the semi-finished material, it could semi and full autoamtically press and slowly cut, reducing the error between the upper and lower single layer or many layerss of the material.

Imported steel system is using for support electric appliances from Taiwan and Japan, which saves electricity, makes less sound, quite simple to manipulate, and gives full play to work efficiency.

The to manipulateis labor-saving and simple, with low malfunction, strong stamping pressure and good punching speed.

The machine have a sled type feeding mechanism and supports semi-automatic and fully automatic circulatory spreading.It may be maked for the cutting-out of extremely thin and soft coil materials,as well as sheets.

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