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Swing arm punch press

Swing arm punch press is one of hydraulic punching press machine manufactured and designed by Gerson .It is wiedely uused for many industry.

Swing arm punch press
Swing arm punch press

1.The swing arm punching press is very easy to operation .the use of time control allows for simple and convenient setting of cutter depth .the hydraulic punching press machine uses self-lubricating system .

2.It is very quiet compare to ther other mechanical punching press because of hydraulic punching press , vibration free operation
3.Easy to set up ,improve production efficiency.
4.Cut materials that are soft or semi-rigid,such leather ,fabric,.paper ,cardboard,rubber ,plastic etc.,
5.Pressure autoregulation system ,not have to manually adjust.

We have many model for choice and can custom build the machine.welcoem to contact us.

Model GSB,GR,GRA model
Maximum Cutting Force 8-30 tons
Cutting speed 0.085m/s
Adjustable stroke 5-180mm
Tension distance 60-250mm
Cuttting table size 800,900,1000,1200×400,500mm
size 660×780×1500mm or more
Motor Power 0.75KW,1.1KW
Net Weight (N.W.) 450Kgs-1100Kgs







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