Factory hydraulic punching press machine sale manufacturer

ppe sheet hydraulic press in Kampuchea Cambodia

ppe sheet hydraulic press in Kampuchea Cambodia is the die cutting machinery manfuactured by Gerson and it is widely used to cutting the material in the Footwear,Leather,Packaging , Automotive trim,Flooring,Gaskppets,Electronic,Insulation Medical devices industry etc.

ppe sheet hydraulic press in Kampuchea Cambodia

This equipment is equipped with the semi and full autoamtic lubrication system, which should be sures regular lubricating oil filling is not required, as well as helps to reduce wear and prolong time servicelife.

Remark: We can utilize the machinery according to operatorr specifically order, including the color, the motor information, the working table etc.

Central oil offer semi and full autoamtic lubrication system, external oil cooling system to ensure machine accuracy and extend machinery life.

This type of stamping equipments are most typesly utilized for cutting actions of nonmetal sheet or roll material. Such products as artificial flower, insoles, football, volleyball or tennis panels, car interior decoration raw materials and medical supplies are produced by this machinery.

The working principle of the semi and full autoamtic hydraulic cutting machine is down press to the mould,to cut material by die knifes / moulds. suitable to knife mold cut all non-metal soft /half-soft materials.From manual to full automatic type,serving for leather,fabric,EVA/EPE foam,blister…

If you have any further ifnormation or question ,please feel free to send us inquiry or contact us.

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