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pe foam sheet die cutting punch press machine in Norway

pe foam sheet die cutting punch press machine in Norway is the most welcomed strong machine which can cut most material and have used in many industry ,and we believe that it is good machinery for your production choice recommend by our team.

pe foam sheet die cutting punch press machine in Norway

It is using scissor up leather,rubber,plastic,cloth,sponge,nylon,imitation leather,PVC board etc in manufacturing facility.

Cutting machines are indispensable machine for some light industry. US and UK companies offer a projection punching machine with an oscillating tool and visual viewing device for contour scanning of leather or purchasemention on leather to guide the die-cutting arrangement A set of blanks on the leather. Traditionally, the punching machine is a machinery that presses the raw material by means of the pressure of the machine motion to cut the material. Modern die-cutting equipments has undergone some changes, and advanced technologies including the ideal-pressure water jets and ultrasonics has been applyd in leather cutting-out technology, but these devices are still qualityified in cutting equipment machine. Cutting machinery with high degree of automation includes: a comrelocateer-contjumboed moving head cutting machinery, a laser cutting machinery (oscillating tool), a best-pressure water jet cutting machine, and a computer cutting machine.

The machinery is manualled by comrepositioner . it could run semi-automatic and fully automatic and slow .so there is no size error between the uppermost multi-layers and lowermost many layers of cut materials.

The central oil produce semi and full autoamtic lubricating system should be sures the service life and precision of the machinery.

The four columns mechanical type oil feeding device which can be realized just through pressing the button.

We can custom build to suit your production requirements.Gerson welcome your request for a machine specific to your production.Please cotact us immediately.

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