Factory hydraulic punching press machine sale manufacturer

fabric roll cutting machine equipment for sale price

fabric roll cutting machine equipment for sale price is manufactured and designed by our rich experience workers team and can be for many inustry and material incluidng soft ,semi-harden ,even harden material .

fabric roll cutting machine equipment for sale price

Operation with two workers hands uses ideal security. Special sizes can be custom to the building products, in order Meeting needs different adaptrs.

Cutting power is lasting pressure, which is suitable for forming rubber trade specially.

Dusemicircle the diecut operating, the photoelectric tube control is adopted with the safest operating.

Large area of pressing board of stamping uses it possible to cut big-sized materials.

The steel drive cutting machine is still in the mainstream. Among the metal cutting-out machinerys, a big number of rocker-type stamping equipments with a tonnage of 14-18 tons are applyd. Flat and gantry cutting equipments are mostly maked for relatively large producers, and are more suitable for punching of man-produced materials.

Note: The size of the cylinder referred to here is not the size of the head, but the diameter of the cylinder piston.

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