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EPE foam sheet die cutting machine

EPE  foam sheet die cutting machine is the die cutting machine for Epe foam sheet .The epe foam sheet for packaging foam such as egg traypackaging and other usage.This automatic sponge epe foam sheet die cutting machine is also can be for die cutting the material foam sheet following:Silicone Foam Sheet,Open Cell Silicone Sponge Sheet,EPDM Sponge Sheet,Neoprene Sponge Sheet,PVC Sheets,Natural Sponge Sheet,Open Cell Sponge Natural Rubber,EVA Mat,Polyethylene/PE Sheet,NBR Sponge sheet,Viton  Fluoroelastomer Sponge,SBR Sponge Sheet,Polyurethane/PU Foam Sheet,EPE Foam Sheet,Upholstery Foam Sheet,Polypropylene/PP Foam Sheet,Polystyrene/PS Foam Sheet,Latex Foam Sheet,XPS Foam Sheet,,Rubber Foam Insulation Sheets/Rolls,Commercial Foam Sponge Rubber Sheet,Natural Rubber Sponge,PVC Foam Sheet,EVA Foam Sheet,PU Foam Sheet,Rubber Foam Sheet with Backed Adhesive,Natural Latex Rubber Sponge Sheet etc.,

EPE foam sheet die cutting machine
EPE foam sheet die cutting machine

1.Gerson automatic sponge epe foam sheet die cutting machine can die cut out any shapes by the cutting die mold .The cutting die mold can also build by Gerson.

2.It is automatic feed the material epe for sheet Also we have the roll feeder if your material have in roll .It is also manual feed in the material available.

3.The epe foam sheet die cutting machine uses four column and hydraulic driven system ,double cylinder and auto balance all make sure thigh performance .

4.Gerson also can design the waste cutting out parts or scrap parts knockout system or automatic removal ,so that The worker only pick up the finish products .It will save more time and increase production capacity.

5.Gerson accept any customized build machinery to meet your production requirement ,any question ,please contact Gerosn at any free time .

custom any size of cutting bed ,hydraulic force ,feed type ,infeed and outfeed system etc.,

Model GRB(A)-40 GRB(A)-50/660 GRB(A)-80/100 GRB(A)-150/200 GRB(A)-300/400
Max Cutting Force(KN) 400 500/600 800/1000 1500/2000 3000/4000
Stroke(mm) 50-200 50-200 50-200 50-200 50-200
Cutting Area(mm) 610,800,900,1000,1500,1600.1800,2000,2200,2500×(1400,1600,1800,2000)
Motor Power 3kw 4kw/5.5kw 7.5kw 11kw 22kw
Weight(kg) 2500 4000/6000 7300/9000 13800/16000 25000/31000

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