Factory hydraulic punching press machine sale manufacturer

CNC die-cutter machine stamping press in Uruguay

CNC die-cutter machine stamping press in Uruguay is the best seller machinery that sold by Gerson brand ,and these machinery is usded recent high tech to meet your prodcution requirement,contact us immediately.

CNC die-cutter machine stamping press in Uruguay

The comrelocateer can semi and full autoamtically control the transverse movement distance and the rotary angle of cutting-out head and the feeding device distance by clip and belt . The machine offer special stamping modes including semi-auto and fully auto stagger, stagger blade reducing and die cutter rotation, which can reduce consumption and save semi-finished materials.

The grooves inside the electric control box are imported, with neat lines and clear line Numbers

Adopting Double oil cylinder,four-post oriented and Automatic balance link structure, which can make sure the absolutely same diecut depth of each stamping position.

Anyway, what Gerson does is to meet the die-cutting demands and help to improve the die-cutting production like leather highs cutting, car interior stamping, blister punching, foam die-cutting, soft toys manufacturing facility, buffing small or big factory and so on.

All presses come as standard with a self-diagnostic panel for simple on-the-spot trouble shooting.

Have any question ? please contact us the email or online ,we will reply you once we get your mail or online contact.

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