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clamshell plastic sheet cutting machine equipment in France

clamshell plastic sheet cutting machine equipment in France is the die cutting machinery manfuactured by Gerson and it is widely used to cutting the material in the Footwear,Leather,Packaging , Automotive trim,Flooring,Gaskppets,Electronic,Insulation Medical devices industry etc.

clamshell plastic sheet cutting machine equipment in France

adjust the height from upper beams to the work surface, quite easy to adjust..

Precise four column cutting-out machine debugging steps ready machinery position, three-pbuilde pressure supply…

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Furnished with semi-automatic and fully automatic-feeder machine, which supply improved the service efficiency and safety of the machine.

All sliding connection component of the machinery are equipped with central oil manufacture automatic lubrication device. There is no concern about the damage of the machinery parts due to manual negligence, so as to smallmize wear and should be sure the equipments punching speed and cutting accuracy .

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