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25T clicker press for sale

25T clicker press for sale is Gerson clicker press with 25 ton hydraulic pressure .It is widely used in many industry and material.gerson is leading professional manufacturer,factory and suppliers of various discount customized 25T die clicker press with low price .

25T clicker press for sale
25T clicker press for sale

1. 25ton is 250kn cutting pressure available max ,It is also availabe other hydraulic pressure from small type to big .
2.The hdyraulic cutting force can be adjusted when you cutting the material .
3.Double hand operation make sure the safety .
4.The 25 ton clicker press can die cutting out any shapes by the cutting die .We also could make the die for you.

5.Please contact us dierectly if you need any die cutting machine ,punching machine ,hydraulic press machine .The below specification for your reference.



Max cutting force

8,10,12,14/15/16,18,20,25,27,28 tons

Working area


Swing arm width


Cutting stroke

90mm,100mm etc.,

Motor power

0.75kw,1kW,1.5KW etc.,

Electric Supply Voltage

3×440/415/400/380/220/200V, 50/60 Hz

Single phase 240V/220V/110V, 50/60 Hz

Machines dimensions


Packing size


N.W(with oil)




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