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12T clicker press

It is mainly used to cut and trim the surplus edge of molded leather products ,fabric products ,rubber ,plastic, bra cups, foam pads, fabric cups and etc. It is also used as the cutting and trimming usage in the rubber, plastic and paper products industry.

12T clicker press
12T clicker press

1.12T clicker press using beam down cutting the die and trim the material, it is easy to operate and reduce operator’s fatigue during operation the Gerson machinery is with inverter, so the speed can be adjusted to match operator’s working speed.
2. Instead of traditional manual method to cut and trim the edge of molded material, it is easy to learn and operate, and it also save much time and labor resources.
3.The adoption of double-hand operation ensures safety for operators.
4.The swing arm cutting machine equipped with self-lubricating system doesn’t need any hand lubrication,the machine usage life hence is prolong.
5.All Gerson Products of special specifications can be customized.

Model GSB,GR,GRA,GRB serials
Maximum   Cutting Force 8Tons-500Tons or More
Cutting speed 0.085m/s
Adjustable stroke 5-300mm or more
Tension distance 60-350mm or more
Cuttting table size 650×330mm to 3000mm×2500mm
size 660×780×1500mm to 2800×3200×1700mm
Motor Power 0.75KW to 22Kw
Net Weight (N.W.) 550Kgs to 18000kgs

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